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Narotama News & Events General Lecture About Building A Sustainable Community After Disaster General Lecture About Building A Sustainable Community After Disaster

18 May 2011, 11:11:02

Narotama Univsity had the honour of having a general lecture from Prof. Adenrele Awotona PhD, Director of Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Community After Disaster (CRSCAD) from Massachusets
University, Boston USA (Wed/18/5). Opened by Vice Rector, I.A. Budhivaja SH, MH, the lecture was attended by hundreds of students from all faculties. Interstingly, CRSCAD also has a study program with international certificate for those who want to pursue more knowledge in this particular field. CRSCAD consist of many experts with various background, therefore it does not require any special basic knowledge to join in this program. CRSCAD has four focuses which are to recover children, elderly people, vulnerable community and the disabled by giving advice and conduct a training, and they are given based on the locality.
CRSCAD is welcome Narotama Universitys students to join the program. Moreover Narotama is conducting a further discussion with CRSCAD to have a representation in Indonesia ceneterd in Narotama university.(A!)

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Four Narotama Employees Receive Awards Four Narotama Employees Receive Awards

19 July 2014, 15:53:47

Four employees of Narotama University received the awards on integrity and dedication shown towards the institution which is evident in their daily performances. The awards were made by the Rector of Narotama University, Hj. Rr. Iswachyu Dhaniarti DS, ST on the sidelines of the briefing for officials by the chairman of the board of trustees and the rector at Conference Hall Lt.2, Thursday (28/3). Those four employees are Tubagus Purworusmiardi, S.Kom (Secretary of Computer Science Study Program), Agung Purwantoro (Head of Protocol & Domestic), Ani Wulandari, SS (Head of NLC & IRO), and Christine Ayu Ashari, SE (Head of Secretary Rector). Awards [...]

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 Rossoblu Sempurnakan Tren Minor Garuda Muda Rossoblu Sempurnakan Tren Minor Garuda Muda
24 July 2014, 09:00:57

CAGLIARI – Timnas Indonesia U-23 menelan kekalahan ketiga dalam turnya ke Italia. ditundukkan klub ibu kota Italia lainnya, Cagliari, dengan skor 0-2. Laga ini sekaligus menjadi penutup tur Timnas U-23 .....
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