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Narotama News & Events Persani Appoints Lecturer of Narotama to Lead the Gymnastics National Championship 2012 Persani Appoints Lecturer of Narotama to Lead the Gymnastics National Championship 2012

03 April 2012, 10:20:55

Coordination committee meeting Gymnastics Association of Indonesia (PERSANI) Surabaya unanimously re-elect Ir. Aryo Nugroho, S.Kom. MT, a lecture from Civil Engineering of Narotama University as Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the National Gymnastics Championships VII in 2012. Coordination meetings are attended by line managers PERSANI Surabaya on March 31st, 2012 at Graha Subangkit - KONI Surabaya also set execution to be carried out in the second week in July 2012. Ir. Aryo Nugroho, S.Kom.MT than as a lecturer at the University Narotama have long believed in the management PERSANI Surabaya City as the Chairman of the Organization and science and technology. Confidence as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the National Championship is an appreciation for his success as Chairman of the previous year. Some activities PERSANI Surabaya who had entrusted to him is the Club Championship Cup and the KONI Surabaya Coach Training Gymnastics Club as inter-city Surabaya.

Gymnastics National Championship is an official agenda PB PERSANI nationally recognized and PERSANI Surabaya is the only branch officials who dared to accept the mandate implementation. Championship which was originally intended as Mayor Cup is then lifted by PB PERSANI become officially the National Championship event. This National Championship as well as a measure of the success of sports coaching gymnastics at the national level. Therefore, the determination of the Executive Committee also refers to the provisions of the AD / ART PB PERSANI and must obtain approval from the New Testament and Pengprov PERSANI PERSANI East Java Province. Currently Chairman of PB PERSANI chaired by Dr. Ir Waluyo who also co-director of Pertamina, while the Chairman of East Java Pengprov PERSANI held by Ir. Hidayat Nyakman is also Managing Director of PT. PETROKIMA GRESIK. As executive chairman, Ir. Aryo Nugroho, S.Kom.MT accompanied by a Vice-Chairman of the Elly Revianti, SE. are also set at the same occasion. Subsequently they are given the mandate to immediately form a complete composition of the executive committee as presented by Ir. Biasworo Adi S. Aka, MM, as Chairman of PERSANI Surabaya City and chairman of this coordination meeting. "We believe his experience as Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science University of Narotama and its activity as a business capable of fostering cooperation with various parties to the success of this event".

In the past year VI Gymnastics National Championship that was held 16th-19th June 2011 followed by 320 participants from 35 clubs and 10 provinces in Indonesia. National Championship was opened by the Vice Mayor of Surabaya Drs. Bambang Dwi Hartono, M Ed in GOR Gymnastics Nusantara Citra Raya Surabaya. At the opening ceremony, said Bambang DH is very happy and thank’s to Persani Surabaya who had dared to hold a National Championship Cup Gymnastics VI with the Mayor of Surabaya became a national event. He expressed appreciation to the highest Persani for the implementation of the National Championship. "We are in the name of Surabaya city government expressed appreciation of the highest To Persani Surabaya, who dared to hold a champion national championship," he said. Bambang DH also thanked the Executive Board of the Persani because it makes the championship remains on the agenda of the New Testament. He is confident of the results of a national championship would appear potentially athletes, not just for the sake of the region, but also will make a major contribution to the country both nationally and internationally.

Based on the successful implementation of VI Gymnastics National Championship 2011 then in 2012 that is, Ir, Aryo Nugroho, S.Kom.MT PERSANI again given the trust by the city of Surabaya to head back to the Executive Committee VII Gymnastics National Championship 2012. Found separately, Ir.Aryo Nugroho, S.Kom.MT. states could receive a mandate as the executive committee of national championship this 2012 gymnastics coaching gymnastics for the success of Indonesia as well as the pride of the city of Surabaya event. Given this event as well as part of the celebration of the anniversary of the city of Surabaya. (Qfd)

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Four Narotama Employees Receive Awards Four Narotama Employees Receive Awards

19 August 2014, 16:28:48

Four employees of Narotama University received the awards on integrity and dedication shown towards the institution which is evident in their daily performances. The awards were made by the Rector of Narotama University, Hj. Rr. Iswachyu Dhaniarti DS, ST on the sidelines of the briefing for officials by the chairman of the board of trustees and the rector at Conference Hall Lt.2, Thursday (28/3). Those four employees are Tubagus Purworusmiardi, S.Kom (Secretary of Computer Science Study Program), Agung Purwantoro (Head of Protocol & Domestic), Ani Wulandari, SS (Head of NLC & IRO), and Christine Ayu Ashari, SE (Head of Secretary Rector). Awards [...]

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