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Narotama News & Events Crew Narotama On the set of Bukan Empat Mata Trans 7 Crew Narotama On the set of Bukan Empat Mata Trans 7

21 April 2012, 12:51:11

The Alumni of Helmy Yahya Narotama Bradcasting Academy (HNBA), students and some employees of the Narotama University after touring to the Trans Corporation Jakarta for four days, 17th to 20th April 2012. The group which contains 50th persons after shooting for Bukan Empat Mata, and Opera Van Java in Trans 7 both live and taping.
While at the Bukan Empat Mata studios, the group of Narotama University doing shooting as much as two episodes. Live that aired Wednesday (18/4) nights broadcast and taping of the plan as Kartini Day. Although as an audience, but the interactive Tukul, Vega and guest stars are quite familiar to the crew Narotama. Proved to some of the cast was taking pictures in the middle of the audience.
Especially when it's entourage at the Narotama University the front as the main audience. The Guest stars is Giesela, Gading Marten, Ivan Gunawan, bolot, Governor of South Sulawesi and of course the couple Amelia Vega and Melani. On that occasion Tukul and Vega entered in the middle of the audience Narotama University.
Meanwhile, at today's taping that aired on Saturday (21/4), The themes is "Role of Women The Able more like Men" to commemorate Kartinis Day. In this episode guest stars present Titi Kamal, Mercy & Asri and Miss Indonesia. The Taping was done before live for the adaptation from audience. (Qfd)

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Four Narotama Employees Receive Awards Four Narotama Employees Receive Awards

19 July 2014, 15:53:47

Four employees of Narotama University received the awards on integrity and dedication shown towards the institution which is evident in their daily performances. The awards were made by the Rector of Narotama University, Hj. Rr. Iswachyu Dhaniarti DS, ST on the sidelines of the briefing for officials by the chairman of the board of trustees and the rector at Conference Hall Lt.2, Thursday (28/3). Those four employees are Tubagus Purworusmiardi, S.Kom (Secretary of Computer Science Study Program), Agung Purwantoro (Head of Protocol & Domestic), Ani Wulandari, SS (Head of NLC & IRO), and Christine Ayu Ashari, SE (Head of Secretary Rector). Awards [...]

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Layar Smartphone di Masa Depan Mampu Analisa DNA Layar Smartphone di Masa Depan Mampu Analisa DNA
21 July 2014, 09:00:07

CALIFORNIA - Layar smartphone di masa depan akan mampu mendeteksi panas suhu tubuh dari penggunanya yang sedang sakit. Bahkan yang lebih menakjubkan, display tersebut bisa menganalisa DNA. Para peneliti dari .....
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  • Layar TV OLED Buatan LG Bisa Digulung
  • Keamanan 4G Lebih Rendah Dibandingkan 3G
  • Takut Teroris, Ponsel Mati Dilarang Masuk AS
  • Uji 5G, Ericsson Berhasil Wujudkan Rekor 5 Gbps
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